Jack Butler


coach with me

One of the few people who should actually be a coach.
— Tamarah Long, Architect


I care a lot about you being your real self, in work, relationship and life. I help you become more of who you are and let go of what isn’t really you.

I help you learn that human beings - in our essence - are not personality patterns.  Nor are we our pasts, our stories about ourselves and others, or outdated strategies that worked to keep you safer in childhood.

I coach you to:

  • bring forth your real self - so you can be loved for who you really are, beyond your masks, performances and defences 

  • trust - not just a partner, but life itself

  • root your life in presence - not busyness, stress and being over-identified fear, image or achievement

  • how to relax and enjoy your life  (clue: if you need to go to gym to relax, you're not getting it)

  • experience acceptance - where you can be with everything that your life presents without spinning out, or wishing it were different 

  • allow life to reveal the path it has for you - rather than you having to make it happen