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You’re completely fearless
— Roddy Campbell, former global CEO of Adidas

Coaching with Jack has made a huge difference for me. Most of all, it’s invited more ease, grace and joyfulness into the work I am doing.
— Ronan Harrington, Founder, Alter Ego

My life feels very different. I feel more connected to myself, more heart open - less stressed about me and where I am.
— Maureen West, Certified Nutritionist

I am forever grateful to Jack for helping me by being a kind, supportive, and encouraging voice when I needed some grounding and clarity. He reminded me to slow down, to put self-care first, to be kind to myself...
He was absolutely right and by putting my needs first my business quickly rebounded and has been more successful than ever.

You’re like a 70 year old man in a 35 year old’s body
— Clayton Olson, relationship expert and Youtube star
Through our conversations, I have learnt to trust myself and how life unfolds. The last 6 months have been significant. I have been really thankful that I have been working with you week after week.
— Deanne Deaville, Amazon Bestselling Author

Jack is the Anthony Robbins of the global conscience.
— Nancy Kepner, Executive Director, Foundation for Global Scholars

When I first started working with Jack my life was completely upside down, I was going through divorce. I have learnt from Jack how to trust my own inner guidance to deal with whatever it is that comes up in life, and give myself fully to opportunities.
— Jeff Yin, Harvard graduate and climate change expert

Clients and Partners

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